Don’t Ignore AC Repair Needs This Late in the Game

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We are slowly but surely approaching the official end of summer. This means that your Littleton, CO air conditioner has been put under a lot of stress so far—and it’s not over. Your cooling system still has a lot of work to do before the warmest time of the year has passed. If you’d like to living out the remainder of this summer in comfort, then it’s important that you not ignore any signs of trouble with your AC.

Of course, you can’t be blamed for ignoring any such indicators if you don’t know what to look for to begin with. This is why we’ve compiled a brief list below to help you recognize some early red flags that your cooling system is, in fact, struggling. When it comes to scheduling your repairs, it’s always best to do so ASAP.

Do You Have Ice on Your System?

This is a problem that not only catches many homeowners off guard, but is often mistakenly assumed to be a natural part of the cooling process. When people see ice on any part of their AC, they may think it’s normal, since after all, you air conditioner is tasked with cooling your living space.

However, ice on your air conditioning system means that your evaporator coil is getting too cold, causing condensation to freeze. This can sometimes be resolved simply by changing your dirty or clogged air filter, or even having the coil itself cleaned by a trained professional (and having the source of the problem repaired).

It’s important that you not try to remove the ice on your own. Doing so can not only damage your air conditioning system, but doesn’t resolve the actual problem at hand. For instance, you may have a refrigerant leak (refrigerant is not meant to run out like gasoline does from a car—your cooling system is supplied with enough refrigerant upon installation to ideally last its entire lifespan).

Is Your System Short-Cycling?

Short-cycling is the term used to describe the process in which your air conditioner turns on and off rapidly, too frequently. Whole-house AC systems are meant to run in regular, gradual cycles. If short-cycling is occurring, then it’s a big problem, and can be the result of many other issues. You might have a refrigerant leak, a dirty coil, or you could even have malfunctioning capacitors, thermostats, or other components integral to the operation of your air conditioning system.

What Sort of Noises Is Your AC Making?

If your air conditioner is sending out hot or lukewarm air, it’s pretty apparent that you have a problem. The same can be said if it’s simply not running when it’s supposed to. However, what if your air conditioner seems to be functioning, but making strange and unfamiliar noises? Should you just ignore them?

No! When your cooling system is making odd noises, it’s telling you that something is wrong. From loud grinding sounds to screeching caused by metal-on-metal, and even the thumping of a loose component banging up against the AC cabinet, these noises are often the first sign that something is wrong with your air conditioner. Take these noises seriously and have them evaluated by a professional promptly.

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