Do You Need to Replace Your HVAC System?

The official start of fall is just a few days away, and we all know what that means—consistently cooler weather is soon going to be upon us. Soon enough, you’ll be relying on your heating system to keep your home comfortable. Before we get to that point though, we want you to consider two things—how did your AC perform this summer, and is your heater really ready for winter?

The fact of the matter is, you may need an HVAC system replacement, and when temperatures are mild is the best time to schedule such a service. You can turn to us for a reliable HVAC contractor in Denver, CO. In the meantime, we’ve shared with you below some of the signs that you do, in fact, need a new HVAC system.


Let’s face it, age is the best indicator of whether your air conditioner or heating system has good operational life left in it. How long yours will last is dependent on many factors, including the make and model but also how well maintained it’s been throughout the years.

For instance, a well cared for central air conditioner system will typically last between 10-15 years. The best way to determine what the estimated lifespan is of your particular HVAC system is to consult in the manufacturers guide that came with the system.

Frequent Repairs

It goes without saying that your heating system or air conditioner is going to need repairs at some point, even if they’re minor. This is the case whether it’s an aging system or not. But as it gets toward the end of its lifespan, it will start experiencing more malfunctions than normal, as a result of natural wear and tear on its various components.

This will cause a domino effect and parts will begin to break down in rapid succession. If you’ve found yourself repairing your air conditioner or heater more than once over one season—and especially if it is aging on top of that—it is time to invest in a new HVAC system.

Higher Energy Bills

This is not in reference to your bills being higher due to increased use of your system. Rather, an aging system is going to have a decline in efficiency eventually. This will cause your HVAC system to run for longer, which means the costs to operate it will rise.

If you notice your heating bills are steadily rising despite comparable use to the year before and comparable use to your neighbors, then you are likely due for a system replacement.

Know Your Options

If you currently are using a central air conditioner and/or a central furnace, that’s great—these are very efficient systems. But, they are not your only options! In fact, there are other options out there that allow you to both cool and heat your home all from one system.

If your ductwork is in good shape and you need to replace your AC system and/or furnace, then you may want to consider the heat pump system—which enables you to switch from cooling mode in the summer to heating mode in the winter. If your ducts are degrading or you don’t have ductwork, then a ductless system could work great for you!

These two-in-one systems may not be right for every home, but we’re happy to discuss with you your unique wants and needs. Overall, these are great options for two-in-one systems that bring you year-round comfort.

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