Could You Benefit from Water Leak Detection Services?

Sometimes, a leak in your plumbing system will come in the form of a burst pipe, spraying water all over your property. Some leaks drip from the second floor, while others cause water to pool around your sink. But not all leaks are as evident right away. Hidden plumbing leaks can be some of the most problematic, and you may need a professional to identify them. Take a look at some of the more subtle signs of a leak, and find out why you should schedule water leak detection services at the first sign of plumbing trouble–or even if nothing seems wrong at all.

Signs of a plumbing leak

These are some of the less obvious signs that a plumbing leak may threaten your home.

  • Mold or mildew: The smell of mildew or the appearance of mold is never a good sign. Call a plumber if you ventilate well and are not sure of its origins.
  • Low water pressure: The drop in pressure could be due to a small leak that is otherwise unnoticeable.
  • High utilities: A pipe leak will waste water, which may mean a dramatic spike in your bills.
  • Water spots around the home: Dark spots on walls or moist areas of grass are signs to take seriously, as your property could sustain damage.

Should you schedule water leak detection?

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, call a water leak detection specialist today. But even if your pipes do not appear to be leaking, water leak detection may still be a good decision. This is particularly true if you have old pipes.

Older plumbing pipes—those installed before the 1970s—are often made of galvanized steel. The steel has a protective layer of zinc to prevent rusting (since steel is an iron alloy and is susceptible to rust). However, this layer can wear away, and the pipes are still vulnerable to rust, which inevitably leads to corrosion. Replacing the pipes today can save you the trouble of dealing with a major leak in the future, or a plumber can check for leaks to determine if there is one that is not yet apparent.

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