Could It Be Time to Replace Your Garbage Disposal?

Many homeowners believe that their garbage disposals are indestructible and ready to handle anything you may put down your kitchen sink. However, as we discussed in a recent blog post, garbage disposals are not impervious to problems, and can in fact stop working. While the solution may be as simple as a quick repair, there will come a time that your disposal needs replacing. But what are the signs?


The first factor you’ll need to consider is your garbage disposal’s age. The average garbage disposal, if cared for and maintained properly, can last about 15 years. This is also dependent on what you put down the drain, as items such as potato peels and ice cubes can wear down the blades after a while. If your garbage disposal is older than this, you certainly want to consider replacement.


Has your kitchen sink been developing clogs more and more frequently? This is typically a sign that your disposal system is not grinding down food waste as well as it once did, and large food particles have become stuck in the drains. A common assumption is that all you need to do is sharpen your disposal’s blades. However, your garbage disposal does not actually use the blades to grind food. Rather, blunt impellers push the food into a grind ring.

Tripped Breaker

If your garbage disposal frequently trips its breaker and you have to reset it by pushing the button at the bottom of the unit, this is a warning sign that the unit is under too much stress due to use. Another sign that your disposal is wearing out is if it’s making louder grinding noises than usual. The best thing you can do is call a professional plumber for inspection, and repairs if needed.

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