Common Air Conditioning Repairs

air conditioning repairs

Does your AC’s performance and efficiency leave much to be desired? Are your energy bills high? Does your AC make a terrible noise? Do you need air conditioning repairs? Unfortunately, there will come a time when you need to get in touch with a professional for air conditioning repair services. Just like any other mechanical system or other part of your house, your AC suffers a fair amount of wear and tear over the years. Professional installation and follow-up routine maintenance are the primary ways of keeping your system in good working order, but they will not make your cooling system invincible.

Reasons for Air Conditioning Repairs

While every home is different and no two setups exactly alike, there are some common problems that befall air conditioning systems. Below, we’ve given you some signs to look out for. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, it’s important to get in touch with your local HVAC professional before the issue becomes serious. Neglecting problems can also lead to premature replacement.

Loud and/or strange noises

If you find that your air conditioner makes a loud or strange noise, then it may be time to have it checked out. If you hear a banging noise, there could be a loose component within the air handler or somewhere within the ductwork. Grinding noise could be a serious problem related to the breakdown of your fan motor. Any hissing or whistling sounds are related to refrigerant or air leaks in the system.

High energy bills

We’re sure you keep a close watch on your energy bill, but there’s more to it than just making sure that your utility company is honest. If you notice a spike in your energy consumption, then you may have a serious efficiency issue. There are various causes to such issues, and only a hands-on diagnosis can provide a solution.

Bad cooling

If you find that your cooling is uneven or insufficient, then you’ve got yourself a case of bad cooling. Don’t let it ruin your summer. Make sure that you have your entire HVAC system inspected so that the root of the problem can be discovered and you can enact air conditioning repairs.

Don’t settle for anything less than comfort and convenience from your cooling system. If you suspect that you need air conditioning repairs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. APC Plumbing & Heating offers reliable air conditioning repair service in Denver. Call now.


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