Can a Ductless System Heat Enough?

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When using heat pump technology, as you will with a ductless heating system, there can be some concern that the heat pump may not be enough to sufficiently heat your home during very cold weather. This has to do with the way a heat pump works, which we’ll explain more about below. Heat pumps are great systems no matter what season you need them, and when it comes to heating, you can always supplement a heat pump with a back-up heating system. The experts at APC Plumbing & Heating have been helping Denver residents with their heating needs since 1984 and we can help you, too. Have concerns about using a heat pump during winter? Let’s take a look at how they work.

How Ductless Heat Pumps Works

Heat pumps work by transferring heat from one location to another. They do this with the help of refrigerant. During the winter months, heat pumps absorb heat from the surrounding air, concentrate it, then disperse it to your living spaces; heat pumps can use ducted or ductless systems to do this. The concern during the winter months come when the air temperature drops below 32 degrees for an extended period of time. This is because the available heat in the air decreases, and can force your heat pump to work harder to achieve the heating you need. We certainly see our fair share of cold temperatures during the winter, so one of the best ways to maintain your indoor heat is to augment your heat pump with a back-up heating system.

Working With a Back-Up Heating System

When you use a back-up heating system with your heat pump, the heat pump remains your main source of heating, but can switch to a back-up source of heating, such as a gas furnace, during the colder days of winter. This allows you to have the benefits of a heat pump system while ensuring that you have the heat you want on the coldest days.

A heat pump can be sufficient for your heating but if you have concerns, speak to your APC Plumbing & Heating expert about the installation of a back-up heating system. We offer professional heating services throughout Denver.


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