Beware This Common Plumbing Threat: Tree Roots

Understandably, the idea of living without a reliable indoor plumbing system is incomprehensible for most modern homeowners. Each time you use a toilet, take a shower, run the dishwasher, or use the washing machine, you are depending on your plumbing system—to deliver the water that you need throughout the home to necessary fixtures and appliances, but also to drain the waste and wastewater away once the task at hand is complete.

Considering just how much you rely on your plumbing system, it should be pretty apparent just how disruptive any problem with this system can really be. One problem that a lot of homeowners fail to see coming is damage and operational issues cause by tree root invasion.

Are Tree Roots Really a Big Deal?

In a word: yes. Tree roots are much stronger than you may realize, particularly when they’re after what they want—a water source. Tree roots grow fairly quickly toward water in order to seek nourishment—and can be fairly persistent in their pursuit. When you consider how dry our climate can be in the warmer months, tree roots are even more tempted to bust into your sewer line to get to water being drained from your property.

What happens when the warm water flows from your home and into your sewer line is that a vapor develops. That vapor can escape through small cracks, leaks, or even poorly sealed connections in the sewer line. Tree roots seek out that moisture, following it to the source and potentially growing right into your sewer line. Once this occurs, subsequent problems can develop. And if you don’t do anything about it, you run the risk of not only a huge plumbing inconvenience, but property damage as well.

Is Your Sewer Line In Trouble?

Once you realize that anything is amiss with the functionality of your sewer line, you should give our professionals a call to schedule service. It’s not like you can easily do a visual inspection of your sewer line. But how exactly would you know that your sewer line is in trouble?

There’s a few things you can watch, listen, and smell for that indicate sewer line trouble. For instance, do you see slow moving drains in your home? Or perhaps you hear the drains of your home gurgling when you flush a toilet or drain the sinks or tub. Can you detect foul smells coming from your drains? Is your sewer line backing up into your home? Hopefully, your sewer line problem won’t get to this final step—and it’s less likely too so long as you take immediate action.

What’s the Solution to Tree Root Infiltration?

The answer to resolving any sewer line blockage—tree roots included—is reaching out to professional plumbers. We have the necessary tools at our disposal to deal with tree roots and more—including the video pipe inspection equipment necessary to determine if tree roots are actually the problem.

From here, there are a couple methods we may use to break up and rid your plumbing system of tree roots. We could use augers to break the tree roots for successful sewer cleaning. Or, we can use hydro jetting in Englewood, CO to blast the root blockage apart and wash it away. Depending on the amount of damage to your sewer line, further repairs might be needed.

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