Benefits of a Two-Stage Furnace

The name “two-stage furnace” may sound fancy, but what it describes is a furnace that runs on two stages to better accommodate for the coldest days of the winter. The first stage, at which the furnace will operate most of the time, has a low-level output. The second stage, which will operate on the coldest days, has a high-level output. Most furnaces operate at single-stage, so they are running at a high output level all of the time. A two-stage furnace can better accommodate your needs, making your heating very efficient. At APC Plumbing & Heating, we know that saving money is important, so if you are interested in a two-stage furnace, call us today.

What Are the Benefits of a Two-Stage Furnace?

Here are some benefits a two-stage furnace offers:

  • Consistent, even comfort – because a two-stage furnace runs at least 75% of the time at a low capacity, it runs for longer periods of time and provides more even heat distribution.
  • Increased energy efficiency – it may seem that because a two-stage system runs more, it will use more energy. If it were running at a high output, this would be true. But the system runs at a continuous low output, and as such, actually uses less fuel.
  • Quiet operation – a two-stage system doesn’t have to kick on; as such, you won’t hear it start up or operate.
  • Improved indoor air quality – low capacity allows the air filters in your system to capture more particles and contaminants because air is constantly moving through them; this can improve your indoor air quality.
  • Less system cycling – there is much less on-and-off cycling with a two-stage furnace, which can help reduce wear and tear on your heating system.
  • No big swings in temperature – a two-stage furnace doesn’t blast on and shut off once the desired temperature is reached, only to blast back on again. Instead, the heating is gradual, reducing dramatic temperature shifts.

If you’ve been looking for your heating to be more comfortable and energy efficient, a two-stage furnace may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

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