Are You Believing These Furnace Myths?

technician reading the heat meter on a heater

We’re sure that it goes without saying, but if you live in Aurora, you need a solid heating system in place. What we mean by this is that you need a heater that runs well, is safe to operate, and will keep you warm all winter long without any need for repairs or sudden replacement. Somewhere along the way, homeowners heard some myths about their furnaces which can impact how well your heating system performs when you need it.

Of course, our team is standing by if you do need Aurora furnace repair—after all, no heater is totally immune from problems! But we would like to help you avoid the costliest and biggest of emergencies with your furnace system by debunking a myth or two down below.

Myth #1: “My Furnace Doesn’t Need Maintenance”

There are, unfortunately, many homeowners who still think of maintenance as a luxury service for their HVAC systems—that it’s not something they need to have, it’s just something that’s nice to have. It would be really great to rely on a heater for the 10-15 years you should be able to without a single tune-up maintenance session, but this just isn’t the case!

Furnace maintenance, completed once a year, helps keep your heating system in top shape by allowing our technicians to thoroughly clean it to make sure it performs as efficiently as possible, while also checking for any components that need adjusting or repairs. Even the smallest repair need can become an emergency if not managed quickly enough.

Lastly, furnace maintenance keeps the system safe. This is particularly true if you have a gas-powered system. While these systems are built today with consumer safety in mind, and are extremely sturdy, an older and unmaintained furnace may suffer from a cracked heat exchanger, which would allow dangerous carbon monoxide gasses into your home.

Myth #2: “I Don’t Need to Change My Air Filter Between Maintenance Sessions”

Now that’s just gross. Not necessarily for your indoor air quality (though, it does help) but rather for your furnace. By letting your air filter go all year long or even all season long without being changed is just inviting trouble. A clogged up air filter allows harmful pollutants to infiltrate your HVAC systems and do them harm.

Additionally, it restricts airflow. This means that your HVAC systems have to work even harder to do their job, which makes them even costlier to run from month to month.

Myth #3: “Cold Spots Are Normal”

Well—no. If you have a window open on a 30°F day, then sure, the room with that window is going to be cold. But we’re talking about cold spots where there shouldn’t be any. This can be caused by damaged ductwork not allowing the conditioned air to reach the rest of the home. It could also be due to a blockage of some kind. The only way to know for sure is to give our pros a call. It may be that you need a simple professional duct sealing (no, store-bought duct tape won’t work), or it’s possible that if your systems are aging, you’re in need of new ductwork. We’ll be sure to speak with you to determine the next best possible course of action.

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