Have a Bathroom Remodel Planned? Consider This!


If you’re reading this blog post, then chances are your bathroom doesn’t quite look the way you want it to. Either that, or it is not as functional as it could be. For instance, maybe components are too tightly packed in, or you never use your bathtub so you want to make more room by eliminating it and putting in a shower that takes up less space.

Depending on your specific goals, a bathroom remodel can be a great investment! After all, other than the kitchen, the bathrooms are typically the most used rooms in the home.

For a job of this caliber, it will benefit you to work closely with a qualified plumber. Why’s that? Because planning and preparation make a world of difference in the results you’ll accomplish from the remodeling job. Besides, there might be facts you haven’t even considered yet that can greatly improve results.

Consideration #1: How Practical Are Your Plans?

The main reason most homeowners even plan a remodel of any kind in their household is because they’re displeased with how their space currently looks. Remodeling gives individuals a great opportunity to change the aesthetics of their space.

However, you shouldn’t let the desire to have a great looking bathroom overcome the obviously practical needs of the space! You should be able to easily access your shower, sink, and toilet, and you’ll need appropriate space for you and your family’s toiletries.

It’s important, during a remodel, to plan your daily needs for the space. This is a great reason to hire an experienced plumber to help you with the job!

Consideration #2: Square Footage Has Limitations

When remodeling, you’ll need to fit the various appliances and fixtures that you want and need into a traditionally crowded space. But every space has its limits, and sooner or later your bathroom remodel will reach those limits.

This isn’t anything to worry about when you work with a qualified plumbing contractor. We’ll help you determine how many of your goals you’ll actually be able to meet by helping you prioritize the features you want in your bathroom. Sometimes it comes down to separating the things you really need for the space from the things that are “nice to have.”

Consideration #3: Without a Pro, Things Can Go Wrong

Things can go wrong with any remodel, but they’re a lot less likely to go awry when you work with an experienced pro who has ‘seen it all.’ For instance, things we’ve seen homeowners do that they ultimately need us to fix include:

  • Not measuring correctly for toilet placement. This measurement is called a “rough-in” and while there is a standard size in modern homes, if your home is older it may be off by a couple of inches, which makes a world of difference!
  • Not properly venting sink and tub drains. Without proper ventilation, there won’t be a barrier between your bathroom and the sewer system.
  • Not properly sloping the shower floor. This will lead to standing water and unwelcome mold growth.

These missteps can lead to costly, inconvenient, and even unhygienic problems later on.

When you’re ready to consult with a plumber in Parker, CO for your bathroom remodel, simply reach out to Aurora Plumbing Company. We have someone in your neighborhood today!


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