Bathroom Plumbing Upgrades to Consider This Summer

bathroom upgrade and remodel

When someone says they’re doing a remodel in their home, the bathroom probably isn’t the first place your mind goes to, but the right bathroom remodel can do a lot to improve not only the aesthetics of your home, but its functionality, too! Any type of remodel can improve a home’s value, plus refurbishing with bathroom plumbing upgrades can make the space easier to move around in and less expensive to maintain over time.

It’s important, however, that if you plan on undertaking a bathroom remodel, that you work with a plumbing expert with experience in these types of jobs. A professional plumber will help you come up with the best idea for a retrofit, and help you decide what to prioritize. So, give our team a call! In the meantime, we’ve shared below some of our best ideas for bathroom plumbing upgrades to make during your remodel.

A New Bathroom Sink

The sink is often the central focus of a bathroom. Depending on the type of sink you get, it can have a huge impact on storage and overall bathroom design. There are a number of options for you to choose from, like a pedestal or vessel sink, or an undermount or overmount sink. It’s important to be realistic about how much storage and counter space you’ll need before installing your sink.

Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures

We strongly suggest that you upgrade all your fixtures in the bathroom to low-flow models during your remodel. This includes low-flow sink faucets, showerhead, and even your toilet. Choosing this means you’ll help the environment by wasting less water, and you’ll begin earning money back on your remodeling costs right away.

A non-low-flow toilet uses about 3 to 6 gallons per flush, depending on how old it is. A low flow model, however, only uses about 1.5 gallons per flush. You can save the equivalent of 40 showers-worth of water every year with a low-flow toilet!

Walk-In Shower (with Storage Space!)

Do you use the bathtub portion of your shower very often? If not, you might consider a walk-in shower installation. This helps save valuable space and also makes the room look more stylish. You can also arrange for storage space within the shower, such as recessed shelves to put your soap and shampoo.

Consider Repiping

You don’t see much of the plumbing within your bathroom. The one exception to this may be the p-trap under your bathroom sink. However, if your bathroom is 2-3 decades old and has never been repiped, then you could have outdated pipes that are already breaking down or are well on their way.

This is especially true if you have galvanized steel pipes. They’re in danger or corroding, and can even introduce toxins into the freshwater. And any leaks that occur within bathroom plumbing pipes can, as you might imagine, lead to significant water damage. If you’ve never considered at least partial repiping before now, a remodel is a great time to think about it.

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