5 Tips for Bathroom Plumbing Remodels

bathroom remodel

When you’re planning a remodel in your home, most people assume it’s the kitchen, maybe one of the bedrooms, or perhaps you’re adding on a guest room. Well, the bathroom deserves some love too! There are a lot of great remodeling ideas out there that can make your bathrooms not only more aesthetically pleasing, but more functional and efficient too. After all, with all the utilities you pay, shouldn’t your water bill be one of the most minor?

Now, when you get started on a bathroom remodel, it’s important that you work with an expert. Since most, if not all, bathroom remodels deal with the plumbing system, you’ll want an experienced plumber on your side. Fortunately, you needn’t look very far for one. Give us a call when you’re ready to get started. In the meantime, read on for 5 great additions to consider for your bathroom remodels.

A New Sink

When it comes to visual appeal, the sink and vanity of your bathroom is a lot more important than you may realize. Also, this is where you have a lot of room to work with on storage capabilities (i.e. if you want a cabinet under your sink or want a pedestal sink instead). You’ll want to consider this as well as how much counter space you need—and then you’ll want to decide on whether you want a low-flow faucet or not.

Low-Flow Fixtures

Speaking of low-flow faucets, we strongly recommend upgrading all your plumbing fixtures to this—not only your sink but also your showerhead and toilet (and other faucets throughout your home). Putting in these fixtures allows you to start earning money back on your remodeling costs right away, cutting down on your water use and subsequent utility bills.

A Walk-In Shower with Storage

If you only ever use your shower and never take a bath, then there’s really no need to have a huge bathtub taking up space in your bathroom. Consider installing a walk-in shower—this will help you save space and can help make the room more stylish. Don’t forget storage space though! Many homeowners are opting for recessed shelves in the shower wall rather than bulky shower caddies.


Homeowners don’t normally see much of the plumbing in their bathroom, with the exception of the p-trap under the bathroom sink. So for an older bathroom, it’s important to consider the condition of your pipes before starting the remodel. For instance, if you have old, galvanized steel pipes then they are in danger of corroding and introducing toxins into the freshwater.

Not to mention, leaking bathroom plumbing can lead to extensive property damage and unhygienic situations. We’re happy to check your pipes for you and help you make an educated decision on whether or not to repipe your bathroom. Depending on the age of your living space, we may even recommend repiping your entire home, so that you don’t have to worry about pipes failing you when you need them the most later on.

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