Avoid These Common Kitchen Remodel Plumbing Mistakes

When people choose to start remodeling or upgrading their home, the kitchen is often the first room they choose to do so. You’ll have a lot of factors to consider for this remodel: flooring, cabinetry, colors… and perhaps most importantly, your plumbing fixtures.

Plumbing remodeling can be a rather arduous task for someone who is inexperienced at this type of job. Fortunately, our team is highly trained and licensed to do this type of work and will be happy to assist you with whatever your needs are. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common kitchen remodeling mistakes that people make when they choose to forgo a professional plumber.

Mistake #1: Choosing Cabinets before Choosing Sink

Many homeowners choose to get an under-counter mounted sink when they didn’t have one before, and often times as a result, it doesn’t connect with their existing plumbing. This is a relatively easy fix for our plumbers, however it usually involves cutting into the back of your cabinetry as a result. If you’ve already installed new cabinets for your bathroom remodel, then this of course is not an ideal situation.

Mistake #2: Using Mismatched Material

It’s not a mistake to use two different types of piping: i.e. if you are connecting copper piping to older galvanized steel already in your kitchen. The mistake is that homeowners don’t use the proper fittings to connect the two types of piping. As a result, the two metals begin to corrode rather quickly, more so than if they would have been matched up correctly.

Mistake #3: Rushing Through the Job

When you are remodeling your kitchen, naturally you want to get through the job so you can enjoy the results. However, plumbing remodels are not something that should be rushed. A press for time leads many homeowners to doing guesswork when it comes to their plumbing, which tends to end in plumbing emergencies that nobody wants.

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