Are You in Need of Toilet Repair?

It’s no secret that your toilets get a lot of use every day. A toilet is one of those bathroom plumbing appliances that most people take for granted. However, all the use your home’s toilets get can very likely lead to repair needs. While some toilet issues are easily resolved, others require a professional touch—one that we provide. Keep reading to learn some of the signs that you’re in need of toilet repair.


There is a large wax seal underneath your toilet that keeps water and waste that is flushed down your toilet from seeping out. This wax seal attaches the toilet to the large drain pipe beneath it. Over time, however, the seal can dry out and cause water to leak into your bathroom from under the bathroom floor.

If you notice water collecting around your toilet, you should call for toilet repairs right away. This is often a relatively minor problem, but neglecting it can lead to significant property damage, to both your flooring and the structure of your bathroom flooring underneath.

Constant Running

If you notice that your toilet is either filling with water consistently or it needs to fill with water even though it hasn’t recently been flushed, then you most likely have a repair issue. This can be the result of a defective flapper, which is the rubber seal that separates the tank from the bowl.

When you flush your toilet, the flapper component is lifted up so that water can rush down into the bowl and enable the toilet to flush. When you release the handle, the flapper once again seals up the tank. However, if the flapper isn’t creating this seal as it should, then water from the tank will be able to slowly drain into the bowl and activate the fill valve.

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