How to Adequately Clean Your Drains to Prevent Further Problems

There probably isn’t a homeowner around that has had to deal with a drain clog at some time or another, even if it was minor. But clogs are one of those things that many people deal with incorrectly. In the average home, when a drain clog develops, someone reaches for some type of store-bought drain cleaning solution.

This is actually the worst way to deal with drain clogs, as surprising as that may seem. Store-bought solutions have a number of side effects that are damaging to your plumbing system, with completely defeats the purpose, right? So what should you do when you have a drain clog?

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Wait, But Why Are Store Bought Solutions Bad?

So, the way that store-bought drain cleaners work is by using corrosive chemicals to eat through whatever is causing the clog in your pipes. These chemicals certainly do eat through any substance within your pipe, but they don’t quit there!

Prolonged use of this type of drain cleaner actually begins to degrade the pipes themselves, to the point that they may need to be replaced years earlier than that otherwise would have been. These chemicals aren’t good for you, either. It’s actually pretty easy to accidentally injure yourself by getting too much exposure to these chemicals.

The Answer: Professional Drain Cleaning

As professional plumbers, we’re well aware of the effects of store-bought drain cleaners, and the fact that they do more harm than good. Therefore, we’ll never use corrosive materials with our drain cleaning services. Rather, we make use of a variety of more effective methods. For instance, we may use drain snaking. This involves the use of an auger on a long cord, uses to drill through any clogs in the pipe. This is the oldest, most common, and often easiest way to remove drain clogs.

But what about those clogs that are exceedingly stubborn? For these, hydro jetting may be necessary. This is a popular drain cleaning method that removes waste build up from inside your drain pipes. A hydro jet is a thin hose with an omnidirectional sprayer head attached to it. The hose sprays a high-pressure stream of water into the pipe, hitting all areas of the pipe walls and blasting any waste buildup out of the system.

This drain cleaning method has become increasingly popular—not only does it remove what’s currently blocking up your plumbing system but it also makes it harder for further clogs to develop in the future. There are, however, some pipes that can’t withstand the pressure of hydro jetting, so there may be some variance in the methods used. This is why it’s so important that you only trust a trained and experienced plumber to do this work.

The Professional Difference

The fact is, we can clean out your drains much faster and more thoroughly than you could on your own. It may seem more expensive, however when you factor in how much longer your drain pipes will last, you’ll actually be saving money since you won’t have to replace a portion of your plumbing system prematurely.

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